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Friday, 15 April 2011

New Passion

Wow! Sorry I haven’t been on for a little while but how things change in a few short weeks. Not just the direction of this blog, but all my crafting efforts! Not long after my first blog I was in Hobbycraft buying the wool for AHEM'S present and I needed some stitch markers. All they had was some ugly plastic rings and as I’m an aesthetic type who likes to work with soft wool and pretty tools that just wouldn’t do! It just so happened that next to the stitch markers … BEADS… lots and lots of beads. Beads in every colour, shape, and material you could think of. So not being one to shy away from something new I bought a pick and mix pot of some glass beads, round nose pliers, jump rings and head pins and decided to make my own. Who could have known what would be begun? I am hooked. Literally. All my thoughts are on jewellery. Those who know me know I don’t start simple so in the last month I’ve made a watch, necklaces, and lots of earrings and yesterday made a start on wirework. So if you don’t mind the blog is changing slightly. I’m still having a homemade Christmas and I’ll still be bogging about it, but I’m also going to be blogging about my journey from Novice bead stringer – to hopefully – a designer who can sell her work. I’ll be learning different techniques such as wirework and silver clay, maybe eventually lampworking and etching and putting all my experiences, good and bad up here for you to enjoy. By the by for any other novice beaders who haven’t yet discovered the beauty of Internet shopping – Hobbycraft buys many of their beading supplies for the fabulous http://www.beadsunlimited.co.uk/ . Buy direct and save yourself a packet. Look out for my letter appearing in issue 28 of Making Jewellery.

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