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Sunday, 17 April 2011


What an interesting day I've had. Determined to find other beaders and jewellery designers to give me some inspiration I started to look through twitter and I came upon Lori Anderson's blog and from there took a whirlwind tour through the bloggosphere. Lori contacted other jewellery designers about a cause called 7000 bracelets for hope. Basically they were tasked with making an adult sized bracelet on the theme blue jeans which will be sent with handwritten notes to the mums of children with rare deseases so they know that someone somewhere is thinking of them. Please check this out, there are over 100 very talented artists who have made some beautiful - 'I want it! I want it!' jewellery and some amazing artistry. Also if you are in the market for some beautiful jewellery you will be spoilt for choice some of these people have amazing talent and very lovely shops. My personal favourites have to be Lori Anderson Designs and Cardiff based Hello Gorgeous Designs. A beader is definately spoilt for choice when it comes to finding one off handmade beads to incorporate into thier designs and I can't wait to explore all the new shops I've found. Not sure how long my wallet can sustain it though. hmmm. Well Amy at Copper Diem might be able to help as well as having a great blog which I now happily follow she is doing a draw and giving away a great stash! Check it out. Now I've heard alot about Bead Soup - Sounds great! How do I get in on the next one? Guys?


  1. Check out Lori Anderson's blog she is having another bead soup blog hop that stats in August! I missed the last one, but plan to take part in this one. Also check out the Bead Mavens blog, they are having a bead soup mixer right now. Although the date for entries is closed you will see some great pieces created by the folks who were paired up and exchanged beads. I will let you know if I see another on soon!

  2. Thanks for the tip Mary I can't wait to go and see!

  3. hey gorgeous, thanks for the shout out! ;o)

    have a fab week in the sunshine sweetie...


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. Hey Emma! I'd love to have you along for the next Bead Soup! Sign ups are in August and there's already a badge for it here.


    You can also email me and I'll add you to the list of people to contact to make sure you don't miss it -- you can also follow my blog and you'll see it announced, too!